Hello Riverside Families!

Dear Families,

Thank you for the support you have shown for teachers, staff and schools during the return to school process over the last month.  Students have been cooperative and understanding of the restrictions and the new procedures that are part of school life for now.  Families have been understanding of the challenges and we certainly appreciate the support to keep schools as safe as possible.

The division has been working with the Health officials locally and provincially to determine the most appropriate protocols for schools.  We have been looking at the potential to reduce the requirements for student mask use in classrooms, but we are not in a position to make that change at this time.  For now, student use of masks at school will remain as it is currently.  We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes when possible.

We have worked hard to establish routines and practices that limit the transmission of COVID-19, and although we may experience new cases in our communities or schools, the procedures we have in place help to keep students safe and reduce the potential for schools to close from an outbreak. Thank you for your support and participation in this challenging time we face together.

As always, if you have questions, comments or concerns please share those with your child’s teacher or principal.

Yours in Education

Robert Bratvold

Director of Education.

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