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I am so excited to be back at school.  Music class will look quite different this year.  We are unable to use my beautiful big room, I will be travelling to each class.  Unfortunately we also will not be able to sing, even if wearing masks.  On my google website I will be putting up a lot of what we are doing in class, so if you love to sing please feel free to sing the songs at home!  We also will not be able to play instruments as often as we used to.  We will still have lots of fun!!!

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I also created a facebook page where I put videos and links for you to check out!  https://www.facebook.com/Gangemusic

Please check out the blog I created.  You will find lots of cool things here: https://tgange8.wixsite.com/website

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Oh Canada in Cree

Music Room Rules

rules - Mrules - Urules - Srules - Irules - C


We are so lucky to have a nice spacious music room!


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